Android OS is a fun and useful operating system for Smartphones that has become most popular on the globe. It is the biggest competitor to iPhone's iOS. This nice operating system has too many terminologies some of which we are going to explain on this page.

If you are seeking answers to your questions like "What is an APK file?", "What is an OBB file?", "What does SD stand for?" etc., then you will be able to find answer to your questions on this page.


APK stands for Application Package Kit. Its the compiled version of an app or a game that can be installed manually by any Android user on his device. For example Mobogenie, Google Play Services and all other apps come in APK format too if you don't want to install them automatically from Google Play Store.


OBB contains important additional files for games and apps that are needed to get concerned apps and games working. The term OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob.


In computer world, ROM stands for Read Only Memory and in Android family, that means the same too. Technically, the term is wrong as the memory of your Android device can be flushed and rewritten. But the term has rooted deep and it is referred to the memory of your Android phone and tablet.


Micro SD cards are common on portable devices these days that help you store files and media on them. The term SD stands for "Secure Digital" and thus SD Card in whole stands for "Secure Digital Card".


ADB stands for "Android Debug Bridge" It is a tool that is used to connect and send commands to your Android device form desktop.

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AOKP:Android Open Kang Project
AOKP:Android Open Kang Project
AOSP:Android Open Source Project
AWS:Advance Wireless Services
BSI:Backside Illumination
CDMA:Code Division Multiple Access
GSM:Global System for Mobile
3G:3rd Generation
SIM:Subcriber's Identity Module
CTIA:Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association